The Turkish Journal of Pediatrics 2009 , Vol 51 , Num 1
Factors affecting onset of puberty in Denizli province in Turkey
1Department of Pediatrics, Pamukkale University Faculty of Medicine, Denizli, Turkey
2Denizli Health Center, Denizli, Turkey
3Department of Public Health, Pamukkale University Faculty of Medicine, Denizli, Turkey
Semiz S, Kurt F, Kurt DT, Zencir M, Sevinç Ö. Factors affecting onset of puberty in Denizli province in Turkey. Turk J Pediatr 2009; 51: 49-55.

The relationship between the possible factors affecting pubertal onset and pubertal timing was investigated in the Denizli province in Turkey.

A total number of 3311 subjects (1562 girls, 1749 boys) aged 6-16.5 years participated in this study. Body mass index (BMI) was calculated. Pubertal stages were assessed according to methods of Marshall and Tanner. Testicular volume was determined using Prader orchidometer. Menarcheal age was recorded. All parents and students completed different questionnaires on demographic variables affecting pubertal timing such as socioeconomic conditions, psychosocial factors, exercise, nutritional status, chronic diseases, migration and birth weight. Using distribution percentiles of pubertal stages according to age, the relation between pubertal timing and factors affecting puberty was investigated.

There was no significant association between exercise, birth weight, migration, chronic disease, and socioeconomic status and age of puberty onset. Menarcheal age of overweight and obese girls was significantly lower than that of girls with normal weight. In-family stress was the cause of early puberty in girls and of delayed puberty in boys. Keywords : pubertal timing, menarche, obesity, migration, socioeconomic environment, intrauterine growth retardation, stress, chronic disease

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