The Turkish Journal of Pediatrics 2023 , Vol 65 , Num 5
Evaluation of the relationship between neonatal serum asprosin levels and anthropometric measurements in newborns of mothers with and without gestational diabetes mellitus
Emine Esin Yalınbaş 1 ,Raziye Akcılar 2
1 Department of Neonatology, Eskişehir City Hospital, Eskişehir
2 Department of Physiology, Kütahya Health Sciences University Faculty of Medicine, Kütahya, Türkiye
DOI : 10.24953/turkjped.2023.275 Background. Asprosin is a newly identified adipokine that is expressed in the placenta. Its production is increased in women with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), and it is a factor related to insulin resistance. This study aimed to determine whether neonatal serum asprosin levels are associated with anthropometric characteristics of newborns born to mothers with and without GDM.

Methods. This study included 51 newborns of mothers with GDM (insulin-treated or diet-treated) and 55 control newborns with their mothers. In newborns, anthropometric parameters were measured, and the concentrations of asprosin were detected by ELISA. Maternal blood glucose levels, body weight, and length were measured and body mass index (BMI) was calculated.

Results. Serum asprosin levels were significantly higher and linked to a higher risk in the newborns of mothers with GDM compared with those of the control newborns (170.3 [132.6] vs. 91.4 [68.7] ng/mL, p < 0.001). Serum asprosin levels were negatively correlated with blood glucose concentrations (r = −0.282, p = 0.045) in the newborns of mothers with GDM and significantly positively correlated with birth weight (r = 0.315, p = 0.019) in the control newborns. Newborn serum asprosin levels were positively correlated with the glucose levels (r = 0.264, p = 0.006) of all mothers. In addition, newborns born to an insulin-treated mother with GDM had significantly higher birth weight and length than newborns born to a diet-treated mother with GDM (3262.9 vs. 3137 g, p = 0.032, and 49.7 vs. 49.2 cm, p = 0.05). Although asprosin levels were higher in newborns of mothers treated with insulin, these differences were not statistically significant. Mothers with GDM had high blood glucose levels (p = 0.032).

Conclusions. Serum levels of asprosin are increased and negatively correlated with glucose concentrations in newborns of mothers with GDM. Asprosin could be used as an early biomarker in newborns of GDM mothers. Keywords : asprosin, newborn, gestational diabetes mellitus

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