The Turkish Journal of Pediatrics 2015 , Vol 57 , Num 5
Bonzai Intoxication in Children: Our Experience with 17 Cases
2Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, 1Department of Pediatrics, Dr. Sami Ulus Maternity and Children’s Research and Training Hospital, Ankara, Turkey. E-mail: Received: 5 June 2015, Revised: 19 August 2015, Accepted: 28 September 2015 Yaşar-Durmuş S, Tuygun N, Akça H, Polat E, Karacan CD. Bonzai intoxication in children: our experience with 17 cases. Turk J Pediatr 2015; 57: 453-457.

Synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists are becoming increasingly popular in adolescent age group as an abused substance. Therefore, pediatric emergency physicians should be prepared for Bonzai utilizations which are being more common day by day. The aim of the study is to investigate cases who admitted to a pediatric emergency service with use of Bonzai. Keywords : child, emergency department, synthetic cannabinoids.

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