The Turkish Journal of Pediatrics 2014 , Vol 56 , Num 5
Myeloperoxidase 463 G>A and Superoxide Dismutase Ala16Val Gene Polymorphisms in Obese Children
Divisions of 1Pediatric Endocrinology and 2Pediatric Nephrology, 3Department of Pediatrics, Bezmialem Vakif University, Medical Faculty, 4Department of Molecular Medicine, Istanbul University, The Institute of Experimental Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey.
Received: 11 February 2014, Revised: 15 May 2014, Accepted: 9 June 2014
The aim of the study was to determine the role of MnSOD Ala16Val and MPO G-463A gene polymorphisms in the pathogenesis of metabolic syndrome in obese children.

A total of 97 obese children with insulin resistance and, as a control group, 96 healthy children were enrolled in the study.

In the obese group, AA, AV and VV genotype frequencies of the MnSOD gene and GG, GA and AA genotype frequencies of the MPO gene were not significantly different from the frequencies found in the control group (p=0.555 and 0.530, respectively). In the obese group, children who carry both VV (for MnSOD) and GG (for MPO) alleles (n= 26) had higher HOMA-IR levels (6.51±3.91 vs 5.03±2.12) than those of all other genotype combinations (n=71) (p=0.013).

Children who have the maximum risk of developing oxidative stress with the combination of the VV (for MnSOD) and GG (for MPO) genotypes had higher HOMA-IR levels, suggesting these polymorphisms may lead to insulin resistance. Keywords : manganese superoxide dismutase, Myeloperoxidase, oxidative stress, insulin resistance.

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