The Turkish Journal of Pediatrics 2012 , Vol 54 , Num 4
The relationship between urinary tract infection and calcium excretion in children
2Division of Pediatric Nephrology, 1Department of Pediatrics, and 3Department of Biochemistry, Adnan Menderes University Faculty of Medicine, Aydın, Turkey. E-mail: The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between urinary tract infection (UTI) and urinary calcium excretion.

A total of 82 children (mean age: 5.41± 4.09 years) with UTI and 82 age- and sex-matched children as a control group were enrolled in the study. Urinary calcium excretion was studied in children with UTI before treatment, three days after treatment and six months after remission of UTI. Urine calcium/ creatinine ratio (UCa/cr) and 24-hour urinary calcium excretions were studied. UCa/cr ratios were also evaluated as percentile rates, which was performed in our previous study. The effects of the location of infection, complaints, family history of urolithiasis, and radiological findings on urinary calcium excretion were also investigated.

UCa/cr ratio before treatment was found higher than in the control group (p=0.04). No statistically significant relationship was found between the pretreatment UCa/cr and sex, location of infection, family history, or radiological findings. Keywords : hypercalciuria, urinary tract infection, children, nephrolithiasis.

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