The Turkish Journal of Pediatrics 2012 , Vol 54 , Num 2
An Unusual Presentation of Giant Extrathoracic Tumor in a Child - Managed Successfully
Departments of 1Surgery, 3Radiodiagnosis and Imaging, 4Anesthesia, Maharishi Markandeshwer Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Haryana, and 2Department of Radio-oncology, Government Medical College, Punjab, India Lipoma is one of the most common mesenchymal tumors, usually seen over the trunk and proximal portions of the extremities. However, giant lipomas are very rarely seen over the chest wall and axilla in children. In rural areas, patients usually do not bother to be treated, which leads to complications, as seen in our case. Here, we report a rare case of a three-year-old child who presented with a large swelling on the right side of the anterior chest wall and in the axillary region. On histopathology, the diagnosis was lipoma. At the six-month follow-up, the child was normal without any complications. The clinical features, radiological and pathological findings and management of the lesion are discussed. If such a large tumor is not treated in a timely manner, it can cause respiratory discomfort or lead to malignancy. Keywords : anterior chest wall, giant, adipose tumor, benign, inframuscular, surgery.
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