The Turkish Journal of Pediatrics 2017 , Vol 59 , Num 1
Congenital insensitivity to pain: How should anesthesia be managed?
Özlem Özmete 1 ,Mesut Şener 1 ,Çağla Bali 1 ,Esra Çalışkan 1 ,Anış Arıboğan 1
1 Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation, Başkent University Faculty of Medicine, Adana, Turkey DOI : 10.24953/turkjped.2017.01.016 Özmete Ö, Şener M, Bali Ç, Çalışkan E, Arıboğan A. Congenital insensitivity to pain: How should anesthesia be managed? Turk J Pediatr 2017; 59: 87-89.

Congenital insensitivity to pain syndrome is a rare, sensorial and autonomic neuropathy characterized by unexplained fever, insensitivity to pain and anhidrosis. Patients may require anesthesia even for minor surgical procedures due to mental retardation and trauma arising from self- mutilating behavior.

A child diagnosed with congenital insensitivity to pain syndrome was scheduled for gastric endoscopy under sedation due to suspected ingestion of a household cleaning disinfectant. Deep sedation was achieved, and spontaneous respiration was maintained. We did not encounter any complications.

There is limited data regarding the safe anesthesia management in these patients because of the rarity of the disease. Therefore, we think that more clinical experience, case reports and studies are needed to establish the appropriate anesthesia management. Keywords : congenital insensitivity to pain, pediatric patient, sedation, general anesthesia

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